Dr. Donna Curtin

Practice Partner & Veterinarian, HVH

Dr. Donna Curtin graduated from Ontario Veterinary College in 2002. As a small animal practitioner, she obtains career satisfaction through improving the health of the family pet, constantly acquiring new skills and relishing every emergency from cesarean sections to cat bite abscesses. Dr. Curtin has a keen interest in small animal veterinary dentistry, having completed further training in periodontal surgery. Dr. Curtin also enjoys attending the Veterinary Dental Forum annually to keep up with new techniques and skills. Married to John Elphick and settled in Cargill with their two children, Parker and Hope, life has never seemed so full.  Donna also shares her home with her two dogs, Cooper the Golden Retriever and Jasper the King Charles. Days are busy balancing the challenges of practice ownership, helping to run the family broiler chicken farm and battling to get the kids off to school, hockey, dance and baseball.  Dr. Curtin is also an avid writer and her work can be seen at http://www.donnacurtin.com.  

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